How to do a castor oil liver pack

This weekend we had our detox course at Yr Ocar which was fantastic, even if I say so myself. It was so great to be there this time of year the woodland looked amazing.

autumn at Yr Ocar

One if the main therapies we did was the liver detox castor oil pack. It’s a really gentle way to detox the liver, and that’s important because the liver helps us digest fats, detoxes the blood, regulates hormones and stores energy. The pack gently relaxes the liver allowing it release toxins and rejuvenate. The potential benefits are more balanced hormone and blood sugar levels, better digestion and improved immune system. Phew! Must be worth it.

Also you might find you are a bit less grumpy, as the liver stores repressed anger. If people recommend it to you it may with their own benefit in mind!

Keith’s Tip: It’s not ideal to do this after a heavy meal, allow 45 minutes, or at least  1 hour if you really stuffed yourself

Julie Hotchkiss started us off by saying you need to wear old clothes, you don’t mind getting a bit oily. She then said to me “Oh, what you are wearing is just fine!” So what do you do? You need a white face flannel, some castor oil, a towel and cling film.

the kit

First of all you soak the flannel in some castor oil, and squeeze off the excess. Then place the flannel over your liver area, which is your right hand side over the abdomen and lower part of your ribcage.

Keith’s Tip: Don’t drink castor oil or apply to broken skin. The pack should not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or during menstruation

place pack over your liver area

Then wrap it round with cling film, to hold it in place and cover the pack

wrap the pack with cling film

Then cover it with a towel, lie down and relax,  and place a hot water bottle on top, the towel just spreads the heat out a bit.

place a hot water bottle on top

Finally cover yourself with a blanket or duvet, and relax for at least half and hour, preferably one or two hours. Once you get used to it you can leave it on all night.

just relax and let the castor oil do the work

Keith’s Tip: It’s great to do a castor oil pack this time of year it prepares your body for winter.

About keithsquires

Head chef at the Dru Centre in North Wales, Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, Keith devises and oversees the culinary and nutritional delights for all the course participants throughout the year. His passion for feeding people began with home-baking at the age of 10. He was soon bringing to school cakes, breads and pasties. His schoolmates joined in and before long they were swapping cakes and recipes during the lunch breaks and raiding mums’ cookery books in the evenings. A qualified Medical Herbalist Keith also offers exclusive and engaging health and nutrition retreats and courses in North Wales, aswell as workshops and seminars on Aryuveda throughout the UK and abroad.
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4 Responses to How to do a castor oil liver pack

  1. Jackie says:

    Keith how many of these is it “safe” to do…I loved it so much, I did another one the next evening!

  2. Jackie says:

    Keith…all the chemists/supermarkets near me no longer stock castor oil :-( (apparently something to do with people buying it to make explosives?! What is the world coming to?) Is castor oil the best thing to use…I may have to buy on-line from the wonderful Dimensions, assuming they’re still stocking it?!

    Keep blogging…it’s a great read!


  3. Mohammed says:

    Hi there! I just want to give you a big thumbs up for the great information you have
    got right here on this post. I am returning to your
    blog for more soon.

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